Minx paying tribute to Asian-American burlesque legend, Noel Toy, at The 5th Annual Asian Burlesque Festival at the Highline Ballroom. Video by Reiko Yanagi & Henry Yuen.

Minx performing her Witchy Woman Act at The Slipper Room, NYC.

Minx performing her tribute to Hollywood’s first Asian-American starlet and fashion icon, Anna May Wong, at the Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival. Video by Brian Peters. 

The Pink Room Dreams featuring Francine the Lucid Dream, Bunny Buxom, and Minx Arcana made their debut at the iconic Coney Island USA.


Minx performing her title-winning Josie Packard act at the Toronto Burlesque Festival

POP! Show. 


Minx performing her signature Shebra act at Asbury Park, NJ for The Pink Room: Twin Peaks Burlesque.


Love David Lynch? Catch a glimpse of Minx as a surrealist stripping zebra and watch for her special cameo as Twin Peaks’ Josie Packard in this teaser reel for The Pink Room Burlesque.

Enjoy this rock ‘n’ roll teaser from the Tequila Cabeza launch party at Macao Trading Co.!

Video by 4th Row Films (Hey Bartender), with performances by Minx Arcana, Calamity Chang, Gal Friday, Peekaboo Pointe, and kittening by Dolly Debutante.

Catch a glimpse of Minx art modeling for the Night Flowers Victorian-bordello-themed edition of Dr. Sketchy’s NYC!